Experiences in Nature

you can enjoy while staying at the Liostasi complex of Villas

Discover the beauty of the unspoiled nature by exploring on foot or by bike the Natura 2000 areas around the complex!

Much of the area around the Liostasi stone villas complex is an area that has been designated as Natura 2000. This area includes, of course, Korission Lagoon, the surrounding beaches and the Cedar Forest extending north, from the mouth of the lagoon, for three kilometers!

Corfu is generally a lush island, with unspoiled beaches, olive groves, forests and wetlands. Besides its very touristy areas, however, it also features traditional settlements, hiking trails and cycling trails where one can explore the greatness of wildlife!

The trails on the mountains, the hills, the forests and the virgin beaches of the wider area of Agios Matthaios will lead you to sites with amazing views, and will as well, introduce you to the lush vegetation and the impressive fauna found in this part of the island!

Hiking – Destinations:

Agios Matthaios

The large village of Agios Matthaios, located nearby to Liostasi complex, offers a great chance for hiking and cycling, both in the picturesque alleys of the village and on the trails that lead to the homonymous mountain.

liostasi villas corfu Agios Matthaios
liostasi villas corfu The monastery of Pantokrator

Pantokratoros Monastery in Agios Matthaios

Climbing the mountain, you will enjoy unique views. Reaching its peak, you will see the Pantocrator Monastery, which operates only on August 5 and 6, the day of the Transfiguration of the Savior.

Hole of the Open Sea

Downhill, under the Monastery of Pantocrator, you can see the “Tripa tou Pelaou” (exact translation in Greek “Hole of the Open Sea”), a vertical chasm cave on the mountain on Agios Matthaios, that is believed to lead to the open sea!

liostasi villas corfu The Byzantine castle of Gardiki

Gardiki Castle

Moving on, or on another excursion, you can also visit Gardiki Castle, the remnants of a Byzantine castle, found on a hill, near the village of Agios Matthaios.

Olive mill

Near the village, there is also a local traditional olive oil mill producing the famous “Governor oil”; you can reach there by walking through a landscape of huge olive trees, which look like thousands of years old!

liostasi villas corfu Local olive oil mill
chalikounas beach corfu liostasi villas


Korission Lagoon is surrounded by pristine beaches of exotic beauty, such as Halikounas and Issos, which are also part of the Natura 2000 area.


Halikounas is one of the largest and most “exotic” beaches of Corfu, worth visiting, whichever part of the island you visit! It is an elongated sandy beach that extends to the sea for 3 kilometers, circling the lake of Korissia on one side! It consists of fine sand, dunes, and features crystal clear turquoise waters (Natura area).
It is a wild and unspoiled beach, a great choice for several water sports, such as sailing, water skiing, (kite) surfing, SUP, kayaking, as well as for land and air sports such as motocross, fat bike and paragliding!

chalikounas beach korission lake corfu liostasi villas
liostasi villas corfu korission lake

Korission Lagoon – Bird Watching

Just 1.5 kilometers away from Liostasi lies Korission Lake, a rare wetland of unparalleled beauty, protected as a Natura 2000 site. This “exotic” wetland, that spreads over 4,000 acres, houses a unique ecosystem, rich in flora and fauna, where more than 200 species of birds are found. So it’s a terrestrial wildlife paradise worth admiring from a distance or even observing it with the right equipment (Bird-Watching).

Korission lagoon cedar forest – Guided excursion

To the north of the beaches (Halikounas and Issos), circling the Korission lagoon, at a distance of 3 km, lies a dense cedar forest (Natura), characterized by dense, vigorous vegetation. The intense flora and fauna of the forest make it necessary for visitors to be guided by a professional guide.

liostasi villas corfu Halikounas beach