Agios Matthaios

Distance: 5.1 km
Estimated driving time: 11 min


Agios Matthaios is one of the oldest large villages of Corfu, a typical traditional settlement resembling of the old town of the island, by combining Ionian island architecture with Venetian style!

Built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a lush hill, with its picturesque squares, stone mansions, paved alleys and colorful houses, the traditional settlement of Ai Mathias (as the locals call it) is ideal for walks and tours.

Continuously inhabited since the 16th century, the village has over 1000 permanent residents and has all the necessary facilities such as a supermarket, a medical office, a pharmacy, a post office, cafes, traditional cafes and of course excellent taverns and BBQ & grill restaurants, where you can enjoy delicious food and excellent Greek souvlaki; all mainly made by fine local ingredients.

The village of Agios Matthaios can be accessed by car, but in some places, you can only get there and walk around only on foot! The settlement, thanks to its location, has a moderate tourist flow, so you will get the chance to discover the beauties of the place, by living the authentic lifestyle of the locals.

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Attractions worth visiting in Agios Matthaios of Corfu:

The monastery of Pantokrator (6th century)
Through a narrow alley of the village you get to the homonymous mountain (Agios Matthaios), and start climbing it until you reach the top, where stands the Pantokratoros Monastery (this monastery is other than Pantokratoras Monastery located on mount Pantokratoras). The Monastery of Pantokratoros on the mountain of St. Matthew remains closed all year, except August 5 and 6, when the Transfiguration of the Savior is celebrated. But it is worth a visit anyway, just for the route and the magnificent views!

The Byzantine castle of Gardiki
On a hill, near the village of Agios Matthaios, stand the remnants of the Gardiki castle, an octagonal Byzantine castle, with eight towers and three gates, built in the 13th century to protect the inhabitants of Zygonos, at that time. But neither they nor the village could be saved from the raid of Hayreddin Barbarossa, who plundered the entire island in the 16th century! (The village of Zygonos was rebuilt in the 16th century at a higher and more inaccessible place, under the name of Agios Mattheos!)

Tripa tou Pelaou (Exact translation in Greek "Hole of the Open Sea") (unexplored cave)
This is a vertical chasm cave on the mountain on Agios Matthaios, featuring a rich decoration in its main part, and is believed to have 10 levels of several meters! Although it has been discovered since 1822, it has not been extensively explored. Two exploring attempts took place only recently. An effort was made by the members of the Hellenic Institute of Speleological Research (HISR) and another one by the French speleologist René van Vliet. However, it is yet to be confirmed if the cave actually leads into the sea (hence the name), as the locals believe!

Local olive oil mill where unique quality olive oil is produced
The village of Agios Matthaios is embraced by huge olive trees, which at first glance do not even look like olive trees, but do indeed produce one of the best olive oils in the world, the “Governor olive oil”, which has unique phenolic content! Governor olive oil is produced by a small local olive mill, continuing the family tradition, with a modern and extroverted way!

Neighboring villages worth visiting:

Moraitika Corfu

Moraitika is 7.2 km away from the village of Agios Matthaios and 18 km from the Corfu Town. It is a well-developed tourist resort, with hotels, shops, restaurants, taverns, bars and nightclubs! This is a seaside settlement, with an old and a new village, and has an organized sand beach, protected from strong winds, where the sea waters are mostly shallow.

Messonghi Corfu

Messonghi is 7.5 km away from the village of Agios Matthaios and 22 km from the Corfu Town. It is a small village, right next to Moraitika, which also has a large organized sand beach protected from strong winds and has access to a sea that is gradually getting deeper! The village of Messonghi has also been touristically developed, featuring the necessary infrastructure.

Events worth attending at:

August 5 and 6

On the 5th of August, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages celebrate the Transfiguration of the Savior, outside the Monastery of Pantokrator, where they gather to cook (pasta with sauce due to the fasting of the 15th of August) and eat together. On the 6th of August (the day of exemption from the fasting of the 15th of August) the inhabitants of Ai Mathias village celebrate in a Greek easter kind of way, roasting lambs and having fun.

15th of August

August 15th is a great and important holiday for all Greeks, which of course is duly celebrated in the traditional settlement of Agios Matthaios! The village on that day is transformed into a large open-air venue where residents and visitors celebrate together, dining at the tables set up along the main street of the village! The feast is accompanied by music, dances and spit lambs!

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