Korission lake

Distance: 5.7 km
Estimated driving time: 17 min


For nature lovers, hikers, cyclists, bird-watchers and wildlife photographers… but also for fish and seafood lovers!

In the wider area of Agios Matthaios, on the southwest coast of Corfu, there is the largest lake on the island, Korission lake, which was turned into a lagoon since 1923, when a channel was created to connect the lake with the sea. It is a rare wetland of unique beauty, protected as a Natura 2000 site. This somewhat exotic wetland, spreading over 4,000 acres, is home to an impressive ecosystem of rich flora and fauna, including a variety of fish, birds, plants and trees. Out of the 200 species of birds, you will notice the exotic flamingos that look like they dance rhythmically as they cool off in the lake. Out of the 162 species of plants, you will notice the fragrant white sea lilies and the impressive orchids (14 species) that grow in the sand! And above  this enchanting scenery you will see a veil of thousands butterflies. In the tranquil waters of the lake, there are many species of fish, eels, oysters, crabs, as well as small prawns, which are fished by traditional lagoon boats (koritos) and are served fresh at the nearby taverns. Before lunch at the nearby taverns and before swimming in Halikounas or Issos beach, the beaches surrounding the Korission lagoon, you can hike (with a guide) at the dense Cedar Forest (Natura 2000), which extends north, from the mouth of the lagoon, for three kilometers! In any case, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Korission lagoon’s wetland and the surrounding beaches to admire this impressive lagoon ecosystem that has existed in the area for centuries as an ancient monument of Nature.


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